Aug 10

Little Uzu is now available in the app store!

Experience Little Uzu on your iPhone or iPod Touch! Download link below:


Aug 10

Little Uzu for the iPhone/iPod Touch


Little Uzu for the iPhone/iPod Touch is based on the the award winning Uzu for the iPad.  A re-imagined control scheme allows for Little Uzu to have all the fun and complexity of Uzu for the iPad, but in a smaller space. Little Uzu has most of the animation modes from Uzu along with 3 brand new modes exclusive to the iPhone/iPod Touch!

****** CONTROL ******

Little Uzu will respond to up to 5 touches. The 1, 2, 4, and 5 touch modes are always the same.  In order to have more than five total modes, the 3 touch mode is comprised of eight different modes that cycle each time you lift all your fingers off the screen.  This means that you can change to a different 3 touch mode by lifting all 3 fingers and putting them back down. Switching from 3 touch to 1, 2, 4, or 5 touch will keep the same 3 touch mode active.

****** ANIMATION MODES ******

0 Touch: Brownian motion and boundary wrap
1 Touch: emanate and radiate
2 Touch: pinch attraction and boundary bounce
3 Touch: (a)vortex, (b)inverted vortex, (c)radial vortex, (d)dual oscillator, (e)spiral, (f)spring points, (g)radial spokes, and (h)oscillator spokes
4 Touch: 3d freeze and translate
5 Touch: change color and particle size

Aug 10

Uzu Wins iPad “App Of The Week”

Uzu wins iPad “App Of The Week”! After receiving the award Uzu rose to the #2 Paid App spot and held it for the week.  Big thanks to everyone for checking it out and writing all the positive reviews.

I’m just finishing up Little Uzu for the iPhone, and now I’ll finally get to dig into making the first major updates to Uzu for the iPad.  I’m planning on doing an auto-play feature, motion controls, and support for VGA out.  I’ll be posting more on this blog as I play with new features.  Stay tuned!

Jul 10

Uzu on Ars Technica

I’d like to thank Jeff Smykil over at ars technica for a great article on Uzu. I got to speak with Jeff for a couple of hours over IM.  He ended up comparing me to Professor Frink from The Simpsons – I approve this message.

Here’s a quote from the article:

“In talking to Smith, I felt what I imagine the kindergartners at Springfield Elementary School on The Simpsons felt when Professor Frink became the substitute teacher during the teachers’ strike. They wanted to understand how the tiny plastic balls shot around the toy vacuum cleaner as it zoomed around the room, but, alas, Frink’s diagrams and explanations were too much for them to comprehend. I came out of my talk with Smith understanding more or less a fragment of what we talked about, but like the aforementioned kindergartners, I knew that in the end, despite my lack of comprehension, that toy vacuum was fun.”

Read the full article here: http://arstechnica.com/apple/reviews/2010/07/uzu-for-ipad-is-endlessly-complicated-simply-funuzu-for-ipad-is-endlessly-complicated-simply-fun.ars

Jul 10

Uzu Thanks Chris Pirillo

Chris Pirillo, a major tech influencer had exceedingly nice things to say about Uzu over the holiday weekend. He even made and posted a fun video of Uzu. The article begins:

“This is absolutely the coolest iPad app I’ve ever come across. Heck, it’s likely the most awesome app for ANY device – ever. “

Big thanks to Chris for checking out Uzu and saying such nice things!

You can read the full article here: http://chris.pirillo.com/fireworks-software-on-the-ipad-uzu/

Jul 10

4th of July Sale Ended.

Many thanks to everyone who checked out Uzu during the 4th of July Weekend Sale. Uzu was the #1 ranked app in the free charts, and received many positive reviews. To celebrate I’m going to keep Uzu at 99 cents until the next major update.

Jul 10

Uzu Celebrates the 4th of July!

Uzu loves fireworks, so in honor of the 4th of July, Uzu will be free all weekend! The response so far has been great. Uzu is currently ranked number 4 in the overall free app charts and the reviews have been glowing.

The festivities did not go unnoticed over at appadvice.com.  The article opens:

“Today’s list contains quite a few top-notch iPad apps, including the wonderfully entertaining Uzu.”

Thanks to appadvice.com for including Uzu in a great list of apps!

Read the full article here:


Jun 10

"The most amazing app for the iPad."

Tony Stuck of www.toekneestuck.com wrote a very nice review of Uzu. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“The most amazing app for the iPad. This little $1.99 gem is almost enough to make me shell out the dough for an iPad.”

Check out the article here: http://www.toekneestuck.com/pseudo_blog/post/17/Uzu-for-iPad

Jun 10

Uzu is now available in the app store!

Many thanks to everyone who checked it out early!

iTunes store link:


Jun 10

Uzu Demo Video on iPad

So here is the first video of Uzu.  I tried to do a quick demo of the basic features.


*I should note that I couldn’t quite get the camera to focus on the iPad, so the particles look like they have some sort of blur effect on them, which they do not. Each particle is rendered as a crisp line (which is still cool, I promise).