Uzu Demo Video on iPad

So here is the first video of Uzu.  I tried to do a quick demo of the basic features.

*I should note that I couldn’t quite get the camera to focus on the iPad, so the particles look like they have some sort of blur effect on them, which they do not. Each particle is rendered as a crisp line (which is still cool, I promise).


  1. Looks cool but I’m not sure if I get it. I see you using one finger, then two, then a bunch. Is there a difference? And if so, What is it?

  2. Each number of fingers represents a different mode of interaction. In each mode, the way you move your fingers around will affect the motion of the particles. As you switch between modes, the motion from the previous mode carries over for a moment or more (depending on the tuning of that mode). This means that all 10 modes have their own behaviors and animations, AND the interaction between themselves and all the other modes. That’s 10×10 possible animation combinations. Basically, you can play with this thing for hours and still find new ways to control the animation.

  3. Have the app on my iPad and love it. I was wondering if the app supports an external screen. For example, would I be able to hook it up to a projector and project the what was showing on the iPad screen onto a wall?

    If it doesn’t support this functionality yet, are there plans to implement it? ETA?

  4. I’m a little late to the party, but wanted to say “thanks” for keeping this at 99 cents, and add that I’d pay an extra buck or two to be able to change colors, and (maybe under iOS 4) synch color patterns to music from my ipad’s library.

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